Doctors' Comments  
"Obesity is essentially due to ones calorie and carbohydrate intake being in excess of an individual's requirement; caused by overeating and insufficient exercise. The impact of TV viewing and computers, coupled with odd school timings and the eating of junk food, have contributed to this preventable morbidity. Hence it is very important to focus on this issue of obesity right from childhood. This book is a boon for all parents who care for their kids; a must for every Indian home."

- Dr. Viswanath J. M.D. (Ped ) D.C.H; F.R.S.H. ( Lond ) Consultant Pediatrician Chennai.
"I have been closely associated with Dr Tusna Park in treating obese, infertile PCOD patients. In the present day scenario obesity is an important and often overlooked cause of infertility, more so when associated with PCOD. Hence the relevance of this book increases significantly. I congratulate Dr Tusna Park for bringing out this book, which will be very useful for all of us."

- Dr Nirmala Jayashankar M.R.C.O.G. (Lond); M.D.; DGO; Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist Apollo Hospitals Chennai. India.

"I have no doubt at all that the use of the principles outlined by Dr Tusna Park would be very effective in achieving significant weight reduction. Reduction of weight, incidentally would have tremendous benefit for the prevention of diabetes, correction of hyperlipidaema (serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels), controlling hypertension (high blood pressure) and prevention of coronary artery disease."

- Prof.V. Mohan M.D.; M.N.A.M.S.; Ph.D.;D.Sc. Diabetologist and Managing Director M.V. Diabetes Specialities Center (P) Ltd Chennai India.
"Dr. Tusna Park who graduated from CMC Vellore (India) in 1975 has been practicing in Chennai since 1991. She has helped hundreds of people to lose weight, improve lipid profiles and achieve better glycemic control with her diet which is scientifically balanced and easy to follow. How wonderful to be able to eat and lose weight !"

- Dr Su Thillai Vallal M.D. (Int. Med.) D.H. (Cardiology) Managing Director Venkateshwara Hospital. Chennai. India.
  Patients' Comments  
"I suffered from the effects of hormonal imbalances due to Polycystic Ovarian Disease which is usually associated with obesity. Since losing weight, the cysts have regressed and hormonal imbalances have been restored to normal. I have learnt to eat without fear! I wish that I had this knowledge when I was younger so that I could have avoided these complications."

- Mrs Abhirami 29 year old Housewife Chennai India.
"I never thought that it would be possible to be introduced to an intellectual approach to eating! I have benefitted tremendously from this experience, since it has made my life more positive."

- Mrs Amrita 60 year old Artist Chennai India.

"I have been a diabetic since 1986 and have been on 20 units of insulin and oral hypoglycemic drugs, in spite of which the fasting blood glucose level remained high at about 260 mg/dl. I now have a clear understanding about why I could not control my elevated blood glucose level and have consequently changed the way I eat. Today I am on no insulin but do continue to take medicines. My fasting blood glucose levels have stabilized at about 130 mg/dl."

- Mrs Devika Rani 61 year old Housewife. Chennai. India.
"I am nine years old and felt terrible last year because I was so fat and couldn't wear nice clothes. Today I feel so happy and smart. I have lost 10 kilos in spite of being able to eat all my favourite foods, but at the right time and in the right combination. My mother has lost weight as well. Miss Karthika 9 year old Student Chennai India."

- Miss Karthika 9 years Chennai.
"I wouldn't have imagined that I could lose 20 kilos without exercising vigorously ! It has been wonderful to be able to eat and lose weight."

- Miss Lavanya 26 years Teacher Chennai.
"When it was diagnosed that I had three coronary artery blocks and elevated cholesterol levels, I was advised to lose weight prior to an anticipated coronary artery bypass surgery. After following Dr Parks advice about how to change the way I eat and use the right quality oils for cooking, I lost about 20 kilos. My lipid profile has normalized and I do not require surgery."

- Mr Yogesh L. Shah 44 year old businessman Chennai. India.

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