Weight reduction is often the first line of treatment in most medical conditions. Indians especially need to change the way they eat if they are to tackle their increasing susceptibility to conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This book provides a complete health plan which is practical and easy to follow. It has been researched by a diabetologist, cardiologist and dietician and combines some of the most recent findings in medical studies with a scientific conception of a healthy diet. The book makes for intelligent and enjoyable reading and is a must for every home!

Tusna Park has an M.B.B.S. from The Christian Medical College in Vellore. She has been practicing in Chennai since 1991 and has helped a number of people to lose weight and then maintain their weight loss with personalized consultations and follow up. Many people who have adult onset diabetes have achieved better glycemic control on her diet plan, which she emphasizes, must be followed for the rest of their lives.
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Dr. Tusna Park's novel ideas on food, presented in this book, make interesting reading. Her diet plan, while unconventional in terms of dietetics, works for her clients. Being a medical doctor, she aims at treating obesity and normalizing insulin resistance, which is of prime importance for those battling the Metabolic Syndrome.

Nirmala Jesudason, PhD, RD (ADA & DC)
Consultant - Food & Nutrition Services
Frontier Lifeline Hospital
Chennai - 600 101, Tamil Nadu, India.

"An excellent easy to read and understand book which makes immense sense while reading itself. It is easy to practice and I have lost 9 kgs in just 12 weeks after following the book. This book is now being recommended by us to all our family and friends and is being followed by so many of them and they too are seeing its benefits. A must read and practice book. Highly and strongly recommended to all those who wish to lose weight for any reason."

- Arun Thomas.
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